Gases / Chemicals

HANYANG ENG has installed a variety of industrial facilities, developed its technical capacities, and gained the ability to operate industrial / gas / chemical EPC, Turn-Key projects based on specialized group competence.

In addition, through distinguished services provided in a variety of agreements with leading domestic & foreign companies, we satisfy our clients and gain their trust.

Total Solution Provider

Based on our vast experience designing and constructing diverse industrial gas facilities including ASU plants (which produce gases such as nitrogen, oxygen, and argon using air in the atmosphere), we successfully developed an integrated generation·oxygen supply plant that uses natural gases and coal gas. Using our accumulated experience and technology, we expanded our expertise to ultra-cold, vacuum facilities and thereby gained greater experience in designing and construction.

Furthermore, through joint agreements signed with leading domestic & foreign companies, we are able to provide services optimized and distinguished through Value Engineering to our clients, which include Dow Chemical, KORENO, BASF Korea, TOK, IBIDEN, Samsung Fine Chemical, etc. We provide prompt, professional enginerring services for EPC Turn-Key projects for chemical and general industrial plants, aiming at customer satisfaction.