IT(Semiconductors, Displays) Ultra High Purity Piping

In the late 1980s when Korea’s IT industry was entirely reliant on foreign technologies, HANYANG ENG successfully domesticated UHP(Ultra High Purity) piping technologies, crucial to the semiconductor / display industry and soon after gradually expanded its fields of business to Clean Room, HVAC, utility systems, etc.

HANYANG ENG took part in constructing several FAB facilities for domestic & foreign semiconductor / display which resulted in recognition for its superior technologies.

Semiconductor / Display Industries that Require Extreme UHP Specs

Korea has the world’s best technology in the semiconductor industry and the most advanced technology in the field. When manufacturing semiconductors which are increasingly becoming hyper-miniaturized and hyper- densified, it is essential for us to maintain UHP standards for gases and chemicals used in the manufacturing process. For these gases and chemicals to be delivered from storage and supply units to manufacturing units, piping and utility facilities must maintain UHP standards, as well.

Launching Korea’s first UHP Piping Construction, Establishment of Infrastructure for the Semiconductor & Display Industries

It takes a few thousand kilometers of piping to construct a single semiconductor FAB. In the late 1980s, when Korea’s piping design and construction was completely dependent on foreign technologies, HANYANG ENG was the first company in Korea to successfully domesticate the full semiconductor manufacturing process from design to manufacturing to construction and soon after expanded its business to other fields, including general utility systems. In addition to major semiconductor / display industries, we are using our technology and experience to take part in large-scale overseas projects.