Total Chemical Management Service
Total Engineering Company

Dear clients,

Thank you for taking an interest in and supporting HANYANG ENG. HANYANG ENG was founded in the 1980s, when Korea’s semiconductor industry had just begun to bloom. The company localized the development of semiconductor utilities which were once heavily reliant on overseas companies in the US and Japan, etc. and has since grown alongside Korea’s semiconductor industry.

Through our vast experience and trust from our customers, we are now the leading company in the fields of domestic semiconductors, displays, utilities, and equipment.

HANYANG ENG aims to become a “Total Solution Provider” which, in addition to manufacturing semiconductor utilities and equipment, provides a wide range of services including design, manufacturing, and maintenance. Our past 30 years of overcoming challenges and making progress have given us this opportunity for change. Today, HANYANG ENG is becoming an integrated engineering company through Turn-Key constructions, plant facilities, and TCMS (Total Chemical Management Services) in the field of CCSS, etc.

In addition, through active investment and research in the environment sector, we have developed a number of fundamental technologies such as our CO2 removal system and VOSs reduction system. We are now expanding into the fields of nuclear energy, aerospace, and new renewable energy.

HANYANG ENG promises to exceed its past achievements, innovate, and be known as a company that understands and satisfies the demands of its customers and contributes to national progress.

Thank you.

Kim Hyung-youk, Kim Bum-sang
Co-presidents, HANYANG ENG