Foundation of HANYANG ENG Co., Ltd.’s Hannuri Service Group

Kimjang Sharing, Happier Than Ever Before (Narewul Hwaseong Integrated Welfare Town, Nov. 28, 2015)

HANYANG ENG Co., Ltd., founded the “Hannuri Service Group” (the name merges the two words HANYANG ENG and Nanuri — “sharing” in Korean) to establish an in-house sharing environment and return the benefits from society to local communities and has created a sharing business environment in which all employees can take an active part.

The Hannuri Service Group is an attempt to connect the businesses and social services of HANYANG ENG Co., Ltd. to promote the active participation of all its employees in community service and, by extension, realize strategies that help develop both local society and the company.

The Hannuri Service Group, consisting of 82 members and starting with its kimchi sharing event on the 28th of last month, plans to engage in volunteer services on a monthly basis, such as by distributing heating supplies in December, visiting and providing aid to children’s shelters, and hosting parties in welfare facilities for the aged.

Non-member employees of HANYANG ENG Co., Ltd. can always choose to participate in these community services, as well, where we anticipate everyone can learn the meaning and satisfaction of sharing. We look forward to HANYANG ENG’s remarkable activities as a company that faithfully supports the local community.