Recruitment Process

Document Screening Once applicant grades, foreign language skills, work experience, qualifications, awards, volunteer work, etc., are screened, those who pass are eligible for blind interviews.
Personality and Aptitude Test Personality and Aptitude Test for new regular employees
Personality and Aptitude Test for experienced positions
Personality and Aptitude Test for university graduates
  • Regular Office Positions
  • Technical Positions
  • Manufacturing Positions
1st Round of Interviews
Thinking Abilities
Critical thinking, intuition, analysis / logic
Executive Capacity
Passion / confidence, precision / planning, adaptation / agility
Relational Skills
Empathy / consideration, communication, teamwork
Group Management
Energy, leadership
Diligence, optimism, flexibility
2nd Round of Interviews Evaluated Areas
  • Analytical thinking / conceptual thinking / innovative thinking
  • Customer-response abilities / on-site management skills / Information-collecting abilities / self-discipline / group awareness
Final Results Successful applicants are sent text messages that confirm their acceptance.