The “Safety First” Policy of our Board of Directors

HANYANG ENG considers safety as the foundation for all business activities and, based on the board of directors’ belief that “Safety = Company survival,” is continuously conducting and improving safety management activities, such as adhering to the requirements of KOSHA 18001, conducting risk assessments, analyzing near-miss situations, and holding monthly staff meetings to prevent accidents.

Management of KOSHA 18001 (Occupational Safety & Health Management System)

HANYANG ENG systematically carries out accident prevention activities and minimizes company loss by reflecting occupational safety and health policies in its business principles, regularly performing self-evaluations, and improving its safety and health management plans. Since 2009 when it received KOSHA 18001 accreditation, HANYANG ENG has continuously improved its customer satisfaction and occupational safety and health management systems.

Monthly Staff Meetings

Towards autonomous safety management, HANYANG ENG organizes safety task forces, conducts safety meetings, and identifies and resolves potential hazards.

Nearmiss Report

To improve employee safety awareness and establish a Safety First environment, all employees are required to regularly submit Near Miss Reports.

MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Management

The welding processes in constructing semiconductor facilities produce hazardous gases and fumes that pose a serious threat to workers. We therefore monitor harmful substances used and collected on site and prevent such incidents as occupational diseases, suffocation, poisoning, etc.

Employee Safety Training

HANYANG ENG provides job-specific safety training to all employees and encourages their participation by operating a credit recording system. By taking courses in accordance with their jobs and positions, not only do employees acquire basic knowledge and outlook on safety management, they also gain a better understanding of their responsbilities, based on which they strengthen the overall safety management. HANYANG ENG continuously reinforces its safety management abilities by providing bi-annual job training to on-site managers and safety supervisors and quarterly safety training to office employees.

Field Inspections

To remove hazards that can lead to accidents and disasters, HANYANG ENG performs quarterly inspections on all construction sites, analyzes the causes of these hazards, and establishes preventive measures against recurrence. Furthermore, we prevent further accidents by conducting special investigations on scenes of recurring accidents and sites where worker conditions have changed.

Industrial Hazard Rate

HANYANG ENG Average Rate of Companies in the Same Field Average Industrial Hazard Rate

Accident rate

HANYANG ENG’s average hazard rate is 0.035%, which is much lower than those of other companies in the same field. This was achieved through active engagement in hazard prevention and removal activities including systematic adherence to KOSHA 18001, monthly staff meetings, near miss reports, and risk assessments, etc. Together with our employees, we are working hard to make zero-disaster operations a reality.